Sunday, October 27, 2013

From march till november

Okay, I said i gonna update my blog today,yesterday so here I am =D. Been busy 'studying' for the last couple months and yesterday was my last day of class for 2013. I'm finishing my 1st year at uni in 3 weeks time and *poof* I'm on my way home soon enough. It's been quite fun studying here for one whole year beside the fact that I developed rheumatoid arthritis here. Here's some picture I took when my father came over to visit me during my winter break on July. 
Million dollar view of Brisbane city, too bad didn't get the chance to take the night view. 

Not really sure which species is this but it definitely smells nice tho plus I felt this picture is quite nice HAH!

Yupe that's me posing at the Gotham city hall's door at Movie world =D

If you know me well, you will know how much I love Oyster HOHOHO! The 1st and only oyster meal I had here since they are quite costly.

My family at Gold Coast light house, the lights is just so beautiful at the moment, no wonder devin always said 1st hour after sun raise and last hour before sun set are the best lighting you can get =D
I was suppose to upload this post yesterday but then I got distracted on somethings else HEHE okay that's for today, will try top update as frequently as possible 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

the lazy bum is coming back to blogging

Just a quick short update, I'm back to blogging now, will try to keep this blog of mine alive every week since I got nothing else to do anyway but I don't think I still got any active followers now anyway haah! oh well, gonna update this coming up saturday anyway. Cheers

Friday, April 26, 2013

JBL micro 2

People sings during their shower. Since I sounded like a frog and all the house here are made of wood planks, the sound insulation is so bad even you can hear your poop drop into the toilet bowl from 2 rooms away.*joke* but the sound insulation of the room is really bad here. Okay back to the main point, I like my time in the toilet to be very relaxing and enjoyable so I like to play some music in the toilet. In this case which most phone speaker are crap inside toilet, yea even iphone and other fancy android phone they sounded to dry and emotionless inside the toilet. So to overcome my problem, I got myself a portable JBL Micro 2 speaker.

Speaking of the speaker , I get the wired ones instead of the wireless because it is 20dollar cheaper. Yes I'm being stingy when I bought it HAHA. Wired speaker will be better for me since the sound quality will be better than the wireless one since it is not compressed when transferred to the speaker from my phone.
This is the size of the JBL Micro 2 , not a really big one like Jawbone Boombox but not very small for a pocket although it can fit into a jacket or big kangaroo pocket just fine. 

On the side , you got the power button and a volume wheel , I believe that's what they called them.

On the top it is just a black wire mesh and what seems to be a aluminium logo of JBL. On the bottom of the logo , there is a female micro usb for charging the device. I found this kinda good because it is not a proprietary connector and I got tons of micro usb cable laying around and it is cheap to get an extra one although it comes with a pretty high quality micro usb cable with it.
On the bottom there lies the 3.2mm jack and to be honest, I really like the orange essence on this device. one thing worth to mention , although the connect is at the bottom , it lays flat with the rubber rings so it stays flat when you put it on a flat surface, no rocking motions to the device.

The speaker comes in a few colour , I got the black one. The wired speaker comes in black and white while the wireless comes in black ,green ,blue and red.. The battery claimed by JBL will last for 5 hours which I haven't tested it yet but it last pretty long since I recharge it once per week and there is a nice feature to the speaker , it goes into standby mode after 30 seconds of inactivity so even you left it power on without playing any music , the battery still last due to the build in stand by mode which I found pretty good especially for me that always forget to turn it off. Okay cheers guys and thanks.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mad Catz cybrog R.A.T.7

I planned to get one of this since last year but then it is very expensive in Malaysia. This transformer looking mouse is Cyborg R.A.T.7 from Mad Catz. Overall this is a very beautiful mouse even if you don't game a lot like me, it is still a very comfortable mouse.
The overview of the mouse , I got the black one instead of the albino version since black looked cooler on my table and white get dirty very easily.

The light indicate the dpi level of the mouse , you can customize it on the program which you need to download from Mad Catz website. Range from 25 to 6400dpi , I find myself most comfortable in 4800dpi but when web browsing I usually go up to 6400dpi. The red button is not the panic button and it will transform into a robot when you press it *joke* haha the red button is actually a precision button, when you press it, it reduce your current DPI so that you could have a better aiming in FPS games. Thumbs up for the side roller, who doesn't like a side roller?

At the back of the mouse is where you can access to your weight and built in hex key to tune your mouse, I put on 3 weights in it which add another 15g to the mouse. I like my mouse to be a little bit heavy so it feels sturdy in my hand. Saw the screw there? It is used to adjust your thumb rest so that your thumb can access the red button and the other 2 extra button on it.

Here comes the box , you get most of your information on it and of cause Mad Catz logo and the product's name. 6400dpi is really nice to use when you got a big screen.

The extra palm rest which is also adjustable for those that have big hand or small , a pinky rest , and 2 rubberized palm and pinky rest, and the canister at the bottom is the container you use to keep your weights.
After using for about a week now, it is really comfortable and nice looking mouse. Although the mouse is not really cheap , for its beauty and function , I'd say go for it if you came across one. I got the wired one , there is another wireless version of this mouse which is the R.A.T.9 and R.A.T.M , you can check on the cyborg page here. Here is a review video from MKBHD on the mouse 

Thanks guys!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Week 2 in Australia

Decided to blog again since the last time I blogged was 3 months ago , I was so lazy to update my blog and i keep telling myself I will blog it later, end up I'm 3 months late. I should blog more from now on since my English is rusted after my long break for 9 months since the day I finished my A level examination. For those that don't really know , I currently at Queensland , Australia doing bachelor of Science in Griffith Uni. for the 2nd week I arrived , went to meet up with my scout brother Daryl which lives in Brisbane City.
The view of the city early in the morning.

Another overview across the river.

Eye on Brisbane, haven't got a chance to get a ride on it but I'm finding a chance soon.

Group picture before starting the race.

The museum corridor , I like the whales! 

The sculpture outside the museum

The most artistic bridge I saw that day.

and We all end up in ponchos as the sky decided to give us a heavy pour during the race .