Sunday, October 27, 2013

From march till november

Okay, I said i gonna update my blog today,yesterday so here I am =D. Been busy 'studying' for the last couple months and yesterday was my last day of class for 2013. I'm finishing my 1st year at uni in 3 weeks time and *poof* I'm on my way home soon enough. It's been quite fun studying here for one whole year beside the fact that I developed rheumatoid arthritis here. Here's some picture I took when my father came over to visit me during my winter break on July. 
Million dollar view of Brisbane city, too bad didn't get the chance to take the night view. 

Not really sure which species is this but it definitely smells nice tho plus I felt this picture is quite nice HAH!

Yupe that's me posing at the Gotham city hall's door at Movie world =D

If you know me well, you will know how much I love Oyster HOHOHO! The 1st and only oyster meal I had here since they are quite costly.

My family at Gold Coast light house, the lights is just so beautiful at the moment, no wonder devin always said 1st hour after sun raise and last hour before sun set are the best lighting you can get =D
I was suppose to upload this post yesterday but then I got distracted on somethings else HEHE okay that's for today, will try top update as frequently as possible 


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