Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mad Catz cybrog R.A.T.7

I planned to get one of this since last year but then it is very expensive in Malaysia. This transformer looking mouse is Cyborg R.A.T.7 from Mad Catz. Overall this is a very beautiful mouse even if you don't game a lot like me, it is still a very comfortable mouse.
The overview of the mouse , I got the black one instead of the albino version since black looked cooler on my table and white get dirty very easily.

The light indicate the dpi level of the mouse , you can customize it on the program which you need to download from Mad Catz website. Range from 25 to 6400dpi , I find myself most comfortable in 4800dpi but when web browsing I usually go up to 6400dpi. The red button is not the panic button and it will transform into a robot when you press it *joke* haha the red button is actually a precision button, when you press it, it reduce your current DPI so that you could have a better aiming in FPS games. Thumbs up for the side roller, who doesn't like a side roller?

At the back of the mouse is where you can access to your weight and built in hex key to tune your mouse, I put on 3 weights in it which add another 15g to the mouse. I like my mouse to be a little bit heavy so it feels sturdy in my hand. Saw the screw there? It is used to adjust your thumb rest so that your thumb can access the red button and the other 2 extra button on it.

Here comes the box , you get most of your information on it and of cause Mad Catz logo and the product's name. 6400dpi is really nice to use when you got a big screen.

The extra palm rest which is also adjustable for those that have big hand or small , a pinky rest , and 2 rubberized palm and pinky rest, and the canister at the bottom is the container you use to keep your weights.
After using for about a week now, it is really comfortable and nice looking mouse. Although the mouse is not really cheap , for its beauty and function , I'd say go for it if you came across one. I got the wired one , there is another wireless version of this mouse which is the R.A.T.9 and R.A.T.M , you can check on the cyborg page here. Here is a review video from MKBHD on the mouse 

Thanks guys!

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